BetShah offers you the best ice hockey leagues to bet!

BetShah offers you the best betting tips and picks to bet on hockey

BetShah put on its gloves, holds the stick, take position among the best hockey players and offers you great betting tips and picks to bet on hockey. And if you feel like a rookie, BetShah will show you the way…and if you feel ready to spin away from unlucky situations, BetShah is here, to offer you the best hockey leagues to bet.

How to bet on ice hockey?  

Did you ever consider that there are hockey leagues which could rival the NHL in terms of talent, TV audience and fan-base? Well, it is well-known that players from around the world look forward to play on the biggest hockey stages and these undoubtedly can be found around North America. However, the dynamic nature of the sport enjoys a wider popularity as many European leagues such as the SHL, KHL, DEL and Liiga feature talented hockey players that could perform at any level. Below you will find the breakdown to bet on the best hockey leagues around the world:


Can you bet on the Stanley Cup winner? There is no pro hockey player in the world without having dreamt for the chance to win hockey’s ultimate prize, Lord Stanley’s Cup. Certainly, NHL could be easily considered as the most prestigious league and the important stop on players’ careers. Among other factors, well-paid contracts and the challenge to compete with the best hockey players of the world shape a great feeling of motivation that drive players to work hard to make it to the NHL league. NHL is one of the most popular leagues in North America and in total consists of 31 teams, 24 teams from the United States and 7 from Canada. After the regular season, with the four divisions, the champion and Stanley Cup holder participate in play-offs on a best-of-seven mode to reach the finals.

Who will win the 2021 Stanley Cup?

Take a look at the favorites:

– Colorado Avalanche

– Tampa Bay Lightning

– Vegas Golden Knights

– Toronto Maple Leafs

– Boston Bruins

– Carolina Hurricanes

– New York Rangers

– Vancouver Canucks.

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Have you ever argued if KHL is better than NHL? Well, it is widely known that the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL), which was founded in 2008, is considered as the No. 2 pro hockey league in the world and the strongest ice hockey league in Europe. What makes KHL unique is the fact that it is comprised of member clubs based in Belarus, China, Finland, Latvia, Kazakhstan and Russia and this variety of players from different backgrounds and countries makes KHL extremely attractive. The KHL league is very similar to the NHL, with the top two teams from each conference competing during the playoff for winning the Gagarin Cup. BetShah is here to offer you great ice hockey betting tips. Check out BetShah KHL odds and the best betting bonus!


The Liiga is the professional ice hockey league in Finland. It is considered as the second strongest league in Europe. Ice hockey is a very popular sport in Finland and the country is very successful on an international level. During the Olympic Games in Sochi, Finland won the bronze medal. Lately, the Liiga has presented a dramatically increasing of fan base and viewership. The Finnish league is comprised of 14 teams. The top 10 of the table participate in the playoff rounds. Liiga is a quite adept league at developing talented hockey players considering NHLers such as Aleksander Barkov, Sami Vatanen and Rasmus Ristolainen are all products of the Liiga. BetShah is here to offer you the best tips and odds to bet Liiga.


The Swedish Hockey League is the professional ice hockey league in Sweden. On an international level Sweden is a traditional ice hockey school in the world. It is no surprise then why the Swedes have been making a great impact on NHL. SHL is comprised of 14 teams. The top 8 teams of the table will participate on the playoff round and the top three teams will select their opponent out of from the bottom teams for the first round. The SHL utilizes a relegation and promotion system. The Swedish Hockey League follows a similar system with Czech Extraliga and Liiga, rewards a team 3 points for a regulation win, 2 points for an overtime win, and 1 point for an overtime loss. The relegation series determines who will be relegated to the second tier league and who will be promoted to the Elite League. If you are interested in ice hockey, you will definitely like the SHL. Analyze carefully SHL teams and BetShah is here to offer you the best tips and odds to bet on SHL.

BetShah offers you the best odds to try your skills on ICE! The best “winter” sport is on your screen and waiting for your bets. Place multi or single bets and enjoy your winnings!


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